5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Holiday Tablescape for Your First Big Dinner Party 0

5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Holiday Tablescape for Your First Big Dinner Party

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Hosting your first big holiday dinner party together as a newly engaged or married couple is exciting, albeit a tad bit intimidating. You want the food to taste great and everything to look absolutely perfect, particularly if it's his side of the family you're entertaining. Set the table in style and impress your guests by putting these five festive table decorating tips, courtesy of lifestyle expert and event designer Jung Lee, to the test.1. Add some dimensionThink different shapes, colors and textures and lots of layers. As Jung points out, one of the keys to the perfect holiday table is adding an element of dimension. "You can easily do this by incorporating large and small objects with varying heights to bring life to your table and to draw the eye."

2. Break the "rules" with your serving vesselsPersonally, Jung prefers to use beautifully unique items to inject some creativity into any dinner party. For example, a clear teapot in place of your average gravy boat makes such a stunning statement on the table. "Really think outside the box for fun but simple ways you can repurpose the traditional serve ware," she suggests. It also goes without saying that you should bring out the best quality serving pieces you own, such as trays, glasses and small plates.

3. Mix and match chinaDefinitely don't be afraid to mix high and low, vintage and new, and colors and patterns together. "Table settings should be a blend of visual beauty and function," explains Jung. Be cautious of going overboard though, and keep it as simple and clean lined as possible. "A table setting can feel busy when there's too much on it or everything is embellished." See More: 3 Alternatives to Doing a Sit-Down Post-Wedding Brunch

4. Break out the cloth napkinsOh you fancy, huh? Not only are cloth napkins more durable, but they provide a more upscale experience for your dinner guests as well, notes Jung. If your china is already patterned and mixed, she recommends opting for simple white linen napkins with a small design element, like a pine leaf, ornament or magnolia flower. "Make these accents double as placeholders by simply adding names with a gold pen."

5. Incorporate natural elementsAlways, always use something fresh when designing your holiday table, advises Jung. For the holidays, there are so many festive, organic options to choose from: long pines, pinecones and magnolias really tie the season into any gathering, she tells. "To add to the ambience, incorporate some fresh fruit in bright and vibrant colors into your table décor. I like to use red grapes or figs cut in half for that beautiful contrast or even green pears."

The 5 Simple Steps to Better Married Healthy Sex 0

The 5 Simple Steps to Better Married Healthy Sex

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It's a simple but sad fact: Sometimes having sex with the same person over and over no longer does it for you. "In the beginning of the relationship, the brain is bathed in dopamine, boosting excitement and attention," explains Madeleine Castellanos, M.D, sex therapist and author of Wanting to Want: What Kills Your Sex Life and How to Keep It Alive. "But after time passes and dopamine naturally declines, being drunk in love becomes a more sober reality.

Once this happens, sexual arousal may take more conscious effort." But take heart: You can still have the hot sex you crave. "Learning to nurture your sexual relationship in your marriage is the best way to keep sex passionate, connected, and exciting," says Castellanos. "By learning to enhance all the positive aspects of your sexual relationship, it will continue to flourish for years to come." Here's how.

1. Fantasize about the hottest sexual memories with your spouse. Castellanos recommends that you take a little time each day to recall positive sexual memories with your partner. "This helps prime your brain for attention and kick-starts arousal," she explains. "When you focus on the positive aspects of your sexual relationship, you are more likely to dive deeper into arousal and sexual playfulness."

2. Focus on both your satisfaction. As in any aspect of your relationship, only giving or receiving can feel empty. "If you or your partner are acting like you're doing one another a favor, or if you let your inhibitions stop you from giving yourself or your partner the thrills you need, you will never get the brain chemistry your body and mind both crave," warns Gloria Brame, Ph.D., sexologist and author of The Truth About Sex: A Sex Primer For The 21st Century. "Lack of satisfaction is what drives people to cheat."

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3. Discover what you need to be turned on.Be reflective about what needs to be in place in your life and your surroundings for you to get turned on, Castellanos says. Ask: "Do you have to have the dishes done? Do you prefer for both of you to be showered? Do you need to be wooed? Make sure that you honor the erotic space in your relationship by setting the stage for sexual success rather than frustration."

4. Use sex to bond with your spouse. "The beautiful truth about sex in couples is that the more you have, and the more you enjoy it, the more intense your chemical bond grows," says Brame. "Studies have shown that intimacy alters our brains for the better." And because of that, she says, "I encourage couples to have sex as often as it feels good, knowing that the more intimate they are today, the more intimate they will become in the future. It's a beautiful thing."

5. Add some adventure into your relationship. You may not think you need novelty, but "when you add adventure into your relationship, it increases dopamine and makes everything feel more exciting and deep," explains Castellanos. "This can be as simple as doing an activity together that you have never done before such as climbing a rock wall or surprising each other with a mystery date. Even something as simple as visiting a new place or talking about a sexual fantasy can increase dopamine enough to spice things up significantly."

Anna Faris Reveals Husband Chris Pratt Is the ‘Most Amazing Gift-Giver’ (Swoon!) 0

Anna Faris Reveals Husband Chris Pratt Is the ‘Most Amazing Gift-Giver’ (Swoon!)

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Christmas is almost here (like this time next week almost here) and our favorite couple is dishing on their go-to presents. Anna Faris opened up about her upcoming plans with hubby Chris Pratt and she gave us yet another major reason to be jealous of the two — according to Faris he's the best gift giver ever.

"You wouldn't necessarily think so because he's such a dude, but he really is the most amazing gift-giver," Faris told People "So we just try to give each other sort of sentimental gifts, and he's much better at it than I am and thinks about it a little more than I do." Props to Pratt! (Most of us can only dream of a husband with amazing gift-giving skills.)

Pratt' even conquered the trickiest gift category of all — jewelry. According to Faris he's even good at picking out accessories! Yeah, you could say we're officially jealous. "You really wouldn't think so with him being such a dude, but, yeah, he's great with that," Faris said. "And I try to be good with 'dude things' … like there's this amazing knife company, out of Montana, and he loves camo stuff and hunting gear and things like that. But he's very sentimental in a way that you wouldn't necessarily expect."

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While it seems Pratt spends a lot of his time playing Santa, self-proclaimed "world's laziest shopper" Faris admits she has a much less thought-out approach to presents. "I don't think about it until the last minute, I'm like a dude, so really I'll be at work, and I'll have a 15-minute break and I'll be like, 'Alright, uh, what do I get for the people in my life?'" The Mom star confessed. Let's be real, between a majorly popular TV show, hosting a weekly podcast, and being a mom to 3-year-old Jack, Faris' crazy schedule doesn't leave much time for holiday shopping.

The two actors recently celebrated their six-year anniversary, and in honor of the occasion the Jurassic World star let the world in on his secret to a successful marriage: telling the truth. "Honesty is the best policy, but being mindful of someone's feelings is also very important," he advised. "It's not okay to lie, but it is okay to protect your partner. And understanding the difference requires wisdom."

A Sweet Fall Wedding at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens 0

A Sweet Fall Wedding at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Photo: Anna and Spencer Photography

A love of animals brought Karen Jones and Maglay Ickes together. Four years ago, both women attended a fundraising event for a non-profit animal rescue, but their minds weren't always on the furry friends. Maglay used the opportunity to slip Karen her number, and, as she says, the rest was history. A year later, the pair planned a trip to Napa Valley, where Maglay popped the question at a romantic bed and breakfast.

For their October 14, 2014, wedding, Maglay and Karen chose a venue they often visited: The Atlanta Botanical Garden. With its many gardens and indoor spaces, the venue offered the option to host an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. Plus, each area needed little enhancement for their purple, silver, and white celebration. Keep reading to see all of Anna and Spencer Photography's photos from their special day.

Photo: Anna and Spencer Photography

Despite Maglay's insistence on renting a tuxedo, Karen's wishes won out and the attorney slipped into a custom made suit for their big day. "I knew she was right when I tried on the rental tuxedo and it looked frumpy and ill fitting," Maglay says. "I'm so glad she convinced me to get my own tuxedo because she knew just how much I would love it." Her look was complete with a color-palette complementing purple vest, infinity cufflinks, and her initials sewn on the sleeves.

Photo: Anna and Spencer Photography

The couple opted for a first look, during which Karen presented Maglay with a designer watch inscribed with the words, "'Til time ends." Karen donned a classic A-line gown that she tried on at the now infamous Bridals By Lori of Say Yes to the Dress. "I wasn't on the show," she says. "But my mom was super excited to take a picture with Lori and Monte."

Photo: Anna and Spencer Photography

Since the ceremony was held in the property's gorgeous rose garden, the couple didn't need to bring in much in the way of décor. They opted for two tall arrangements of calla lilies, hydrangea, and orchids flanking the space where they would exchange their vows. A young flower girl, wearing a white and purple petal dress, carried a flower ball down the aisle with the couple's wedding bands attached.

Photo: Anna and Spencer Photography

Maglay and Karen worked with their officiant to customize their wedding vows, which they recited in front of their 100 guests. "I surprised Karen with a wedding band at the ceremony," Maglay says. "She was worried that I had lost her engagement ring." Then, the couple recessed to a string quartet playing "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz.

Photo: Anna and Spencer Photography

Guests enjoyed the couple's signature cocktail, a Mangotini, outdoors before heading inside for the reception.

Photo: Anna and Spencer Photography

Calla lilies contained in glass vases and topped with floating candles decorated the couple's reception tables. Menus featured a custom designed logo, made by Karen, that featured a purple heart, the couple's names, and their wedding date.

For dinner, Maglay and Karen offered guests a three-course meal with a choice of filet with shrimp, filet with scallops, or stuffed Portobello mushrooms.

Photo: Anna and Spencer Photography

As an alternative to a traditional guest book, the couple asked their guests to sign a wine barrel purchased from a vineyard they had visited in Napa Valley the day after they got engaged. "We had folks sign the barrel during the reception, and we had a glass top with our logo created for the top so we can use it as a table in our dining room, near the bar," Maglay says.

Photo: Anna and Spencer Photography

In keeping with their color palette, the couple's wedding cake was iced with purple buttercream and made of gingerbread, caramel, and red velvet layers. It was topped with custom made flamingos decked out in a veil and top hat.

Photo: Anna and Spencer Photography

Maglay and Karen took their first twirl to "I Choose You" by Sara Bareilles, then left their reception through a tunnel of bubbles. Looking back on their wedding day, Maglay advises other brides to stay focused on what matters. "Always remember why you are marrying your partner, and don't let the wedding be a distraction. Be eager to compromise on minor items so you can both enjoy the experience."

Venue: Atlanta Botanical Garden || Wedding Attire: Bridals By Lori; Saint Harridan; Brooks Brothers || Jewelry & Wedding Bands: Solomon Brothers || Hair: Intrigue Salon || Florist: Fuji Floral Design || Invitations: Appy Couple || Catering: Dennis Dean Catering || Photography: Anna and Spencer Photography

Did you love this Atlanta wedding? Then check out another celebration in the same city in the video below.

When Do I Have to Provide Transportation for My Guests? 0

When Do I Have to Provide Transportation for My Guests?

Photo: Jade and Matthew Take Pictures

Whether they've come from near or far, getting your guests to the city or town where you're getting married is only half the battle. Once they're gussied up and ready to celebrate, how will they actually get to your wedding? Our experts break down when providing transportation is necessary, and when it's just a little luxury that your guests will seriously appreciate.

If it fits into your budget, you should offer transportation to your guests no matter the circumstances. It's a thoughtful gesture that makes their day a little bit easier (especially if your ceremony and reception are at different venues), and it provides a safe alternative that allows your guests to enjoy the celebration without worrying about parking or a designated driver.

At a destination wedding (especially if it's in a foreign country or a city that few of your guests are familiar with), transportation will help get everyone where they need to be on time, and avoid the hassle of car rentals or hailing a cab. If you're getting married at a hotel and the majority of your guests will be staying there, sending a car or bus to pick up the guests who are staying elsewhere will make sure they don't miss a moment.

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And of course, some venues simply don't have the space to accommodate parking for dozens of cars. Let guests know that driving themselves isn't an available option, and that there will be shuttles to take them to and from your wedding, instead. You can either set up a route for shuttles to pick up guests at the hotels where you've reserved rooms, or you can arrange a single central pick-up and drop-off location where your guests can meet. The most central hotel works great for the latter option, especially if they have space for guests staying elsewhere to park or provide easy access to taxis.

Even if you decide not to provide transportation for your guests, be sure to arrange for a car or shuttle for the wedding party and your immediate families, grandparents, and any other guests of honor — they're the VIPs, after all!

Dancing With the Stars Pros Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Are Already Talking About Starting a Family 0

Dancing With the Stars Pros Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Are Already Talking About Starting a Family

Photo: Courtesy of Peta Murgatroyd via Instagram

It sounds like this talented duo is quickly dancing their way to the baby carriage! Dancing with the Stars pros, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and his fiancé, Peta Murgatroyd, are already taking baby plans just weeks after confirming their engagement. And it sounds like the stunning bride-to-be already has her future family plans all mapped out!

When the ultra-talented Dancing with the Stars duo isn't busy melting the hearts of millions with an adorable proposal, or showing off their impeccable dance moves, it turns out this dynamic duo is busy thinking about babies! The bride-to-be recently spilled the baby details to People in their latest issue. "I would just like to bask in this engagement bliss for a little bit, said the dance pro, "Maybe for a year. Maybe a little less." Murgatroyd then quickly followed up with a, "But I would like to start [having] kids pretty soon. A little boy, and then a little girl."

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Chmerkovskiy, who first met his gorgeous fiancé during the Broadway production of Burn the Floor in 2009, quickly disagreed with his better half's order of offspring. "A little girl first, then a little boy," Chmerkovskiy told People, "I think an older girl would be more responsible. I was an exceptional older brother, but I think that was just a one-in-a-billion thing," the dance pro answered jokingly. Chmerkovskiy's bride-to-be adorably responded with "You are one in a billion," adding "Maks always wants to take care of everybody, which, to me, was the biggest sign that he'll be an amazing father and take care of me the rest of my life."

In addition to planning their future family, this dance pro has been fully focused on wedding plans, as she recently dished to Entertainment Tonight. Murgatroyd's self-proclaimed "Big!" Los Angeles nuptials have been handled mostly by the dance pro herself! "I'm happy with that. I want to do it all…He can just sit there and turn up for the big day," she laughed when discussing her anticipated wedding day.

If their proposal is any indication, this wedding will be quite the stunner. Chmerkovskiy got down on one knee in front of an entire cheering audience just weeks ago, professing his love for his girlfriend in front of his fellow dancers, and lucky onlookers saying, "I'm in love with you, and I want to be in love with you for the rest of my life." The dancer then continued by asking, "And if you'll have me…I want you to be a part of mine. Will you marry me?" Murgatroyd's "yes" definitely earned these two a perfect 10 in our book.

TBT: Photos of Elizabeth Taylor’s 8 Wedding Dresses 0

TBT: Photos of Elizabeth Taylor’s 8 Wedding Dresses

Photo: Getty Images

Never a bridesmaid, always a bride, said no one ever — except Elizabeth Taylor! One of Dame Elizabeth Taylor's first major film roles as an adult (she famously brokeout as a star in National Velvet at the age of 13) was as a bride opposite Spencer Tracy (in the titular role reprised later by Steve Martin) in the original Father of the Bride in 1950. And, well, she must have loved playing that part, because Liz would infamously walk down the aisle 8 times (to 7 husbands, marrying Richard Burton twice) over the next 40 years.

Her first wedding took place in 1950, at the age of 18, and she didn't stop until her last stint as bride in 1991, at the age of 59. We take a look back at all of Liz's wedding days and more importantly, her wedding dresses and over the top jewelry!

Photo: Getty Images

1. Conrad "Nicky" Hilton, May 13, 1950 For her first trip down the aisle, Taylor said "I do" to Conrad "Nicky" Hilton (yes, he was great-uncle to Paris and Nicky Hilton). A then 18-year old Taylor chose a very 1950's gown to say her vows in front of 700 of their nearest and dearest.

The Helen Rose designed gown — Rose also designed Grace Kelly's wedding dress and Taylor's similar look in the original Father of the Bride — sold at a London auction for $187,931 in 2013.

The couple would divorce a year later.

Photo: Getty Images

2. Michael Wilding, February 21st, 1952 After her short-lived marriage to Conrad Hilton, Liz married Michael Wilding in London. Wilding was 20 years her senior so naturally she chose a more demure, serious look in a modest flared suit with a white collar. This wedding look was also designed by Helen Rose. She would remain married to Wilding until 1957, when she began a fling with film producer Michael Todd.

Photo: Getty Images

3. Michael Todd, February 2nd, 1957Taylor referred to film producer Michael Todd as one of the great loves of her life (alongside her jewelry and Richard Burton). The couple was married in Acapulco, Mexico, where Taylor wore a very dramatic hooded silk organza gown, with her 29 carat diamond engagement ring. This was sadly her only marriage to not end in divorce, Todd died in a private jet crash in 1958.

Photo: Getty Images

4. Eddie Fisher, May 12, 1959 Next up, Michael Todd's best friend (and husband to Debbie Reynolds — Liz's maid of honor at her wedding to Todd) Eddie Fisher. Yes, he was also dad to Star Wars' Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher. The two began a love affair after Todd's death, and you guessed it, that led to marriage number 4 for Liz — and a 40-carat engagement bracelet. The couple married in a synagogue in Las Vegas. Looks like after Acapulco Liz had a penchant for wedding day hoods and colored dresses. This time choosing a green silk dress complete with a hood and long sleeves.

Photo: Getty Images

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5. Richard Burton, March 15th 1964 Before there was Brangelina and Bennifer, there was "Liz and Dick." The drama-induing duo met on the set of Cleopatra and began a scandalous affair. They would wed (for the first time) in Montreal in 1964. Cleopatra's costume designer, Irene Sharaff, crafted Taylor's now iconic canary yellow babydoll dress. She completed the look with hyacinths and lilies of the valley weaved into a dramatic braided updo and topped off the dress with a diamond and emerald Bulgari brooch. "The only word Elizabeth knows in Italian is Bulgari," Burton once said of Taylor.

Photo: Getty Images

6. Richard Burton (AGAIN), October 10, 1975 After 10 dramatic years together, "Liz and Dick" (we won't judge if you watched the Lindsay Lohan Lifetime movie, we DVRd it too) divorced in 1974. Not content to only pledge their eternal love once, the couple re-married 16 months later in Botswana. This time Liz went full on 1970's free spirit in a tie-dye Gina Fratini-designed dress in all colors of the rainbow, embroidered with tiny feathers.

The doomed lovers would divorce for the second time in 1976.

On Dec 4, 1976, Actress Elizabeth Taylor married her 7th husband, Virginia lawyer John Warner— JB (@Royal_beans) December 4, 2014

7. Senator John Warner, December 4th, 1976 After the many ups and downs of her Hollywood marriages, Taylor's seventh and most quiet wedding, found her hitched to Senator John Warner. The couple said their "I do"s in an intimate winter wedding ceremony on his farm in Virginia. She wore a violet cashmere dress topped with a tweed and fur coat, and matching turban. Playing politician's wife didn't sit well with Liz and she would divorce for a seventh time in 1982.

EXCLUSIVE: Never-before-seen photos of Elizabeth Taylor's final wedding, from the @ET_AIDS_FDN— People magazine (@people) October 21, 2014

8. Larry Fortensky, October 6th, 1991 You know what they say, eighth time's the charm (nobody says that). For her last, and most over the top, turn as bride, Dame Liz Taylor would wed Larry Fortensky, whom she met at the Betty Ford Center, at the age of 59. The paparazzi-stalked (one even parachuted into the ultra-secure festivities) event took place at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch in Santa Ynez Valley, California. Taylor wore a pale yellow lace Valentino gown (and very deep tan) to marry her last hubby in front of 160-guests including Liza Minnelli, Eddie Murphy, Nancy Reagan, Diane von Furstenberg, Arsenio Hall, George Hamilton, Merv Griffin, Quincy Jones, Macaulay Culkin, and Brooke Shields. This would not end well for Liz, the couple divorced five years later. Just last year, People published never before seen images of the wedding, shot by Herb Ritts, released by the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Princess Diana’s Wedding Cake Is Up for Sale and You’ll Never Believe How Much This 34-Year-Old Dessert Costs 0

Princess Diana’s Wedding Cake Is Up for Sale and You’ll Never Believe How Much This 34-Year-Old Dessert Costs

Photo: Courtesy of RR Auction

For sweet tooth brides, the wedding cake could very well be the best part of your big day (besides actually tying the knot, of course!) — or at least, the most delicious! From classic tiered confections, to floral-adorned, sugary masterpieces, we're hungry fans of every delectable sweet in the wedding universe! But famous wedding day desserts? Now those just take the cake! A slice of Princess Diana and Prince Charles' 1981 wedding cake is set to go to auction Thursday, so you too can have a taste of royalty — if you happen to have $4,000 lying around, that is!

Thirty-four years later and we're still obsessed with the opulent nuptials of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. It was the wedding bells heard round the world and now, a mere three decades later, you can own a literal slice of its history! According to The Mirror UK, the classic British fruit cake is set to sell for $4,000 at a Los Angeles auction house later today, and comes packaged in it's original keepsake box, wrapped in a doily, and with a card that reads, "With best wishes from Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince & Princess of Wales." Wonder if there's anyway to put this on your wedding registry…

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Apparently, since the cake contains such a high alcohol content, it's supposedly still very much edible (But then again, do you really want to chow down on a 34-year-old fruit cake?).

Photo: Courtesy of Nate D. Sanders Auctions

Baked by the former head baker of the Royal Navy cooking school, the entire five-tiered showstopper took 14 weeks to make. So it has to still be good right? Kidding. Please don't eat this. But if you want your piece of cream cheese-frosted, royal history (and have some leftover moolah in your wedding budget), get bidding, brides!

Ryan Reynolds Wishes Daughter James a Happy Birthday with Hilarious Message 0

Ryan Reynolds Wishes Daughter James a Happy Birthday with Hilarious Message

Photo: Getty Images

Cue the "Happy Birthday" song! Actor, Ryan Reynolds, has finally shared the birthdate of his one-year old daughter, James, whom he welcomed with wife, Blake Lively, exactly one year ago yesterday! The new dad took to Twitter to share a hilarious tweet celebrating his baby girl.

The very handsome Woman in Gold actor, shared the celebratory first birthday news with his 852,000 Twitter followers yesterday, further confirming baby James' date of birth. "Happy birthday to my baby girl!" the new dad tweeted, "Sad I lost my virginity. But thankful I have a daughter."

Happy birthday to my baby girl! Sad I lost my virginity. But thankful I have a daughter.— Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) December 16, 2015

The gorgeous power couple, who have successfully managed to keep their newborn out of the shutterbug spotlight, can't stop gushing about their new bundle of joy. Reynolds recently opened up to GQ about his new role as a dad saying, "I have no problem waking up five times in the middle of the night and changing diapers, and as exhausted as you get, I have this stupid grin on my face all the time." Fatherhood definitely looks good on this handsome dad!

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The transition from Hollywood heartthrob to new dad was "not that hard" for Reynolds as he explained to The Project. "I think it's keeping a boundary that there's this world that is the job and the world that is the home," Reynolds explained when describing his home life in Bedford, New York with his gorgeous Gossip Girl wife, and new baby James."We don't live in L.A. We live on a farm in New York. And we don't lead a wild and crazy life. It's not that hard. It's not a big deal."

The actor couldn't help but get teary eyed when witnessing the birth of his newborn, telling People when "my baby [was] being born. I was inconsolable. I was moved to instant sprinkler head."

The first-time dad also catalogued his love for baby James, and hysterical humor, on Instagram with a touching picture of The Proposal actor "thumb wrestling" with his new infant. A photo of the father-daughter-team shows the adorable embrace with the caption, "Thumb wrestling isn't always fair. Curiously, my hand is the small one."

Thumb wrestling isn't always fair. Curiously, my hand is the small one. A photo posted by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on May 14, 2015 at 9:47am PDT